How to promote your website on google

How to promote your website on google
How to promote your website on Google

If you are looking to build your business online. Welcome to this blog, I will explain How to promote your website on Google. It’s true that when you built your own blog, we try to have a great and beautiful design.

On the other hand, we completely forget about promotion. It’s a little bit like you decided overnight to build a classic car. Once it is built, whether you have it, it is like that, you leave it in the garage yet the tool is major.

The blogging tool is just inevitable and indispensable. These days when you’re looking for something in general, how do you do it? Yellow Pages. It has evolved a little bit since then.

Now you go on the internet, of having your online presence then obviously its communication. For that, to have your own communication, the blogging tool is just perfect. Because you are not bound like on social networks by terms and conditions which are sometimes a little bit drastic.

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There you have your complete freedom to do what you want and run things the way you want on your blog. It is important. Ravi Kumar himself explains to us that in order to exist on the internet, you have to be different. So you have to know how to be remarkable.

Have fun just doing this little addition, you make your online presence + your communication + without being seen; you might as well make smoke signals on a foggy evening. So let’s start.

  • 1st strategy:- First thing we think of right away, it’s social networks. Yes, social media to communicate, it’s just perfect. Mr. Kumar, an Indian blogger always suggests to us to focus. Find yourself a platform and focus, you never let go compared to this platform.

I personally recommend finding a big platform on which you can be really popular. A popular platform, for example, a Facebook group, you send a publication. You see that there are plenty of people reading you.

For example a string YouTube, you send a video, there are lots of people watching you. You are the mayor who sends a message to his constituents. Then the other tactic or strategy that you could set up is to aim also the opposite extreme of this type of platform, i.e. more intimate platforms.

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I am trying to get you to talk about couriers that are making a big jump right now. I am talking about Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, I’m talking a little bit about telegram too and others certainly. Still, aiming for this type of platform is fair the reverse because here we are in a face-to-face relationship.

One person versus one person. Although you can still send automated messages to all of these people on messenger or make small lists of more than 200 people on Snapchat. In short, you are all the same and it is well made for that kind of platform.

Besides that make it much better for you to talk to people than just convert prospects to customers. This kind of platform is designed to have direct contact through a chat or other. In any case, what is certain is that having these two opposites of a popular platform and a more intimate messaging.

  • 2nd strategy:- Next strategy is to boost your website. It is to ask yourself this question: where to invest your time? Because depending on whether you get into such a thing, that will change everything.

For example if overnight you say to yourself: I’m getting started, I’m going to learn SEO. Obviously that it will favor you, obviously that it will help you promote your site, Why?

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Because the more you learn the right SEO strategies, the better your article will get on the search engine. It will bring to your site more visitors. We agree that to learn SEO. I have no training on it, I will be reassuring.

But learning SEO is obviously a strategy that will benefit you. You can quickly identify which keywords can bring you back traffic and especially what are the keywords that can bring you back traffic. So for that, you have two tools that can help you.

For example, SEMRUSH, which will help you find keywords, long-tail keywords, which will help you to set up SEO, what is called on-page. That will allow you to create the right Metadata for your articles, which can reference and climb much higher on the search engine.

You will be able to work on off-page SEO what we call Net Linking strategies, or backlinks. Another one is to speed your website.

Google has officially asked now that the speed of your website really matters in search engines. Your site should be responsive, that is to say, adaptable in all formats: PC, tablet, smartphone.

  • 3rd strategy:- I don’t know, maybe you’ve dreamed your whole life of being an animator radio, in this case, release a podcast, or go to podcast, or go franco. Or maybe even in the opposite extreme.

Ask yourself: What if you don’t want to do podcasts, don’t want to make videos, don’t want to go on Facebook. Then, what do you have left? Let’s say Advertising. For example – then you can go for the Google ads.

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It all depends on you that what interest you have in and what you can do dedicated. Choose which axes you are going to take in hand and try to get there hold on long enough to see whether or not you have results.

Next, what you can do about your blog is of course to put the comments. For example, one of my blogs has a lot of comments and it is so that you will not only be effectively promoting your site but also giving it strength. Because you will have a real community that will interact with you.

  • 4th strategy:- You must have a question that how to boost your site, how to attract people to your blog? So for you, the idea is to try to find a problem that would exist in your niche and then create something that would be donated to help that person.

Once again make it as shareable as much possible. You have all the free tools you need to do this. You can use Gmail. This suite of tools is freely available to you. Google drive that would allow you to store your PDF on it.

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To exchange a link and you have a www link that goes directly to the PDF. It is easy for you to implement this kind of strategy. Make sure you take their consent before sharing anything.

  • 5th strategy:- Next is content marketing. The idea is super simple. You make articles blogs that are good content or also referenced otherwise no one will see them. So good content will make your visitors passionate and which will become with the prospects time.

Once they are prospects, you have to know how to convert them into customers. Once they are customers, it’s not over, you have to succeed in converting them as a promoter. So for this last step, you just need to have a very good product or service and it will happen naturally.

People who liked what you came up with will disclose it around them by saying: hey, I advise you such and such a thing. I took it, it’s great, it works, and it’s the best and you can too have. Content marketing along this chain is just a great strategy.

Of course, you have to have very qualitative content, you have to know a little SEO. But your goal, in the beginning, will be to be a solo-taker. The other step is to become a knowledge editor.

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I love this term, knowledge editor, like Wikipedia, well a little less when even; let’s not exaggerate. But that said, your goal will actually be when a person thinks about your theme, he says to himself: hey, I’m going to go to his blog because there I know that I will find the answer.

  • 6th strategy:- It is email marketing. Now the question comes, how to build an email marketing campaign? Ah, there are some who don’t have an email list, no that’s not true.

It’s no more effort for you to send email to 100, 10, 1000, or 10000 people, as long as you do, go ahead, take advantage of it, we know it works. I saw some ratios $1 invested equals 36 to earn behind, return on investment.

Personally, I’m a little above, all the same, so I can tell you that we can do, modest, 1 to 36. Even that already, it’s still a very good report return on investment. I invite you to spend on email marketing to promote.

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You will be able to send content regularly to all these people that you have collected thanks to email addresses, so not just any type of content: promo, information, tutorial, help, but not spammy.

Don’t be spammy. So even if at times, it’s not really spammy to take a promotion week for a particular product that you would have to sell. A moment ago also, you invest a lot of time, a lot of energy in this list.

Yes, people are not able to endure a short week of promotion, it is not serious, they will unsubscribe. In any case, you too must live, so do not hesitate to use this list for you too to earn money.

You can’t do everything for free either. The deal is simple. if people want to stay free, they do it; if they want to unsubscribe, they do; if they want to buy, they do. They are the ones who have their own freedom.

  • 7th strategy:- How to be recognized on Google, how to be visible on Google and suddenly be able to boost your website? I want to talk to you about relevant promotion. It means that your idea will be to promote your content where you are strong.

For example, you are particularly strong in all that is Graphic Designer. You like to publish infographics, go to Pinterest then stick with that and do all your promotion on Pinterest. For example, you love blogging, go ahead, go for it. So the easiest way to blog basically.

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It is simply for example to find a website particularly popular that allows you to put a link. So make a great comment, good and rich content and at the end, you put on your link. Again, it’s not to be spammy, but it’s to do it gently, with intelligence, with relevance.

And therefore once if the site allows it, you will set foot in the gear, the finger of the caliper to succeed in getting you started in this story blogging.

  • 8th strategy:- How to promote your site on the internet? What you can do is help others. For example, influencers. You can very well get closer to an influencer then ask him for money. You pay him for it so that he promotes something special that belongs to his community.

Helping others is good and you helping yourself is not bad too, especially by setting up what I call winning skills. There are skills that you are going to be able to bring into your head that will help you be successful.

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For example, copywriting. Sorry, but editorial on the internet you have absolutely everywhere. Everywhere you have to write words. Hooks that really grab the attention, that can be emotions that trigger something.

It can be particular words. In short, all these things, you have to know them because once again, this is what I call winning skills.

  • 9th strategy:- it is obviously to look for good plans. Good plans, you have them absolutely everywhere. For example, if you have a restaurant or have a local business, you can use Google My Business very well.

That is very useful, especially if you have a business with a physical store. It allows you to be listed on Google Maps and if someone searches for your business in particular on the Google Search Engine, will appear right next to the Map.

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Therefore the card which will allow you to be located quite physically. Another thing you can do is doing Question Answers on any other platform. Like Quora, Yahoo answer, etc. Anyway if you want to turn your blog into a real springboard for sale.

What I offer is simply to click there, Training Offered. This is all about “How to promote your website on google”. I always say just keep believing in yourself. If you have any doubt, leave a query in the comment box.

Ask me anything you need to know, I always answer. My name is Ravi Kumar and I write blogs for Adyscore. If you liked this blog share it with your friends as well.

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