How to sell anything online

How to sell anything online
How to sell anything online

How to sell anything online

In this blog. I’m going to teach you “How to sell anything online” in 8 steps. If any either physical products such as fashion accessories or cell phones, or even cars, or trucks for the industry going all the way in between any kind of product too. You have to follow these 8 steps that I will explain now.

  • Step number 1:- Mentality, you have to work on your mentality and eliminate prejudices they have. regarding sales trade. And be aware that sales are a noble job that literally going to put a lot of money in your pocket.

The ability to learning to sell is what you will earn more money in your whole life is always say the most successful people.

They are the ones who know how to sell. have had studies or have had studies. The point is that generally successful people know how to sell and are willing to sell and people that are not so successful are not willing to take the next step to do this.

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So the first thing we have to do is work on our mentality to be willing to sell and decide to do it. That is the first step.

  • Step Number 2:- The second step is to create an elevator pitch. The Elevator pitch is very known now. With this, all the boom of the startups that are being talked about much of the elevator pitch and that is born from the imagination that you go around in a building to a meeting.

You get on the elevator and the elevator suddenly uploads a person who could be your next investor or your next partner etc.

That person asks you what do you do and what are you going to answer? You have to respond with your elevator pitch. I can tell you that practically nobody or hopefully one in ten lucky people are clear about their elevator pitch and what does the most people when Questions.

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Hey, what do you do? what does the company sell? where do you generally work? What they tell you, we sell cell phones online. We provide consulting services. I sell nutritional supplements. I sell custom furniture for the home, like this.

  • Step Number 3:- When someone asks, what do you do? They tell you what they sell. But that’s not what you dedicate and that’s what the elevator pitch is about. For example, if someone asks me today Mr. Kumar what do you do in Digital Marketing?

I would say that we are dedicated to helping our clients to achieve more customers using the immense power of the internet with high productivity.

How does that sound versus we sell advertising services or create websites? much better. Right? Everything you have to do in your business until they buy your product.

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  • Step Number 4:- Stages of sale, when you already have the pitch editor. So you have to define what are the stages of your sales. Right?

Your product, your service can have variations on that standard commercial process and such standard sales define your actions. and have them very clear. To just go to the next step, create your scripts.

Create your scripts and templates by stage. In the previous section, we defined which are the prospecting qualification stages to negotiate the proposals and then close each stage.

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  • Step Number 5:- You have to create your resources. That can be your scripts, phone number, email, your WhatsApp, and whatever the templates you use to sell stage by stage. Because it is depending on the stage in which your prospect is located within your sales funnel.

It will vary the message that you are going to send to the person. The goal is to put that customer into your funnel stage so they buy from you. You can not leave anything.

The chances are very important in sales like I just told you, I said don’t leave random although some say sales is an art, etc.

Yes, it may have some of that, but besides an art, it is a methodology that you need to follow step by step.

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  • Step Number 6:- CRM. It is a software that comes from the acronym in English for “Customer Relationship Management” and it is a software that is specifically designed for measures modeling and control of a sales process.

The sales process we just defined in the previous steps. It’s time to implement this and take it to CRM software so that we can measure and control this sales panel.

  • Step Number 7:- Rehearsal. Have you heard the word, roll play, do a role-play or rehearse? We have our elevator pitch, our sales stages, and all our scripts.

We have our protection call, our so-called rating structure. After having all this, we have to do a rehearsal. So that when we go out to sell we already have the calibrated speech.

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Let’s burn the fewest possible customers in this certain calibration of discourse. You can do rehearse alone, in front of the mirror, with a partner, or with your team.

  • Step Number 8:- So you have corrected your mentality and followed all speech steps which I recommended. So after done all this, it’s time to go to the market and start selling. I insist that you should start doing this by using certain tools.

Like WhatsApp. I don’t know if you had noticed but people want to talk less and less by phone nowadays. They prefer to chat unless it is a very virtuous business.

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We can start selling and prospecting using this tool which is very powerful. We started to have prospects and customers in our sales funnel.

There are a series of commercial routines that we have to perform in order to manage successful commercials and ideas. Slowly this routine becomes a habit, and that’s good for your business.

Now I know that you must be saying that this is a lot of work to do. But dear, if you want to sell and earn money, then you have to work. This is not a miracle or a miraculous system where you make three clicks and start selling, you have to do work hard.

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This is all about “How to sell anything online”. I always say just keep believing in yourself. If you have any doubt, leave a query in the comment box. Ask me anything you need to know, I always answer.

My name is Ravi Kumar and I write blogs for Adyscore. If you liked this blog share it with your friends as well. You can have a look at more blogs which is relevant to this.

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