Purchase Cycle Steps

Purchase Cycle Steps
Purchase Cycle Steps

Today, we want to talk to you about the Purchase Cycle Steps. All companies need to generate sales. We need to generate customers and many times we do it in an unstructured way with little organization.

The purchase cycle and the sales cycle both are the same so never be confused. Sales cycle steps allow us to understand and organize how we are going to sell our product or service.

If the information and the content I know from here I can create my sales cycle. When companies were not digitized in the sales cycle.

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Selling was relatively simple, many times companies or people made the classic cold door marketing. But today with the new technology, this has evolved.

Now, we are going to see the important points to be successful in the sales cycle. And improve our purchases and our conversions.

  • 1st Point:- It is to get or attract leads at the end. We need to have people to whom we want to sell. For this, We would have all our marketing tools such as Inbound Marketing or any campaign to capture leads that would generate contacts.

There is also the possibility of working on self-marketing and looking for contacts through databases that generate a contact list for us.

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Our recommendation is that you always try to close it from an inbound point of view.

Inbound marketing generates the contacts who know you, who have seen your content because then the process of the purchase sales cycle will be much easier.

  • 2nd Point:- It is the connection and the information we have with those leads. We will try to collect as much information as possible from different sources.

For example in the navigation made by these content users, who have consulted all this. We will have to have it in some source of information.

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Normally we put in CRM to be able to feed and then we classify those leads.

  • 3rd Point:- In the purchase sales cycle, it is precisely to qualify the leads. let’s imagine that we are a company that generates hundreds of leads every month.

Not all of them are going to behave the same, not all of them are going to buy. So we have to have a plan to qualify. There are many models to qualify the lead.

For example, the size of the company that we want to address. First, we will define those filters to focus on those leads that have a greater probability of buying.

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Now we have the leads that will qualify when we presenting our offers, Here we have different options as well.

if it is in digital form then we will look to have a good email or a good landing page. We have to work very well on all the texts and all the information that we are going to give.

And If it were a face-to-face or telephone sales process. Then we have to be clear that what our speech will be, what information we sharing.

This is known as the sales playbook and it is something that we have to update. We must be adding the information that helps us improve the conversion rate.

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We will find those messages, those concepts that we see that arouse the interest of our client and therefore allow us to generate that connection.

  • 4th Point:- It is to overcome. This may be one of the most important objections because these objections are going to give us a lot of information about whether we have the opportunity to sell or not.

We will first find objections that are simply an excuse and we will have to deliver into them to see what the real problem is?

Why not we are selling. After all the analysis, we arrive at the moment of closing the sale. It is very important to understand the needs of our clients.

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Make sure that our product or service, solves his problem. In most cases, we will be able to close the sale If we have done it correctly all the steps.

  • 5th Point:- This is one of the most important points and that is the Follow-Up. It is not to generate a transaction but to create a relationship. We have got a company or a person who trusts us to buy our product.

Now, what we have to make sure is that during the use of the product or the service, the experience must be very good.

We must make it one of the most important and we have to give it a lot of weightage. Some people just sell their product or service and then they just forget them.

You should dedicate the maximum resources to keep in your bucket. Because they have put trust in you already.

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If you offer the best service or product then they will share their experience with their known. And will bring us more clients. So, avoid such mistakes.

This is all about “Purchase Cycle Steps”. I always say just keep believing in yourself. If you have any doubt, leave a query in the comment box.

Ask me anything you need to know, I always answer. My name is Ravi Kumar and I write blogs for Adyscore.

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