What is the most effective email marketing strategy

what is the most effective email marketing strategy

Today, I am going to explain to you “What is the most effective email marketing strategy”. On the other hand, I will teach you how to increase the sales of your business through emails. Nowadays, there are many people who think that email marketing has died and has lost all the effectiveness.

But the reality is that email marketing has neither lost effectiveness nor will it lose for a long time. Today it is considered one of the main pillars of any digital marketing strategy. The reason is very simple.

Almost all Internet users have an email address and they are using it regularly. According to statistics, 95% of active users on the internet have at least one email address. Among all of them, 80% have at least two email addresses that they are currently using.

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That is because you need the email to anything. If you want to make a purchase on the internet or you want to register on any platform or you want to register on a social network, you all need an email.

Let’s be some practical, I would like to know how many email addresses you are currently using? Leave me a comment and tell me how many emails you are using today. I am going to give you my answer and I am using three emails.

One of them is personal, one of them is professional and the third email is not on my name but a false account for quotation marks. And that I use to register on the mailing lists of my competition.

Actually to see what they are doing and see their strategies. I recommend that you do it too. You should create another parallel account to get some ideas.

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Let’s go with the 10 points that I have prepared for this blog. In this, I am going to explain what are the most effective email marketing techniques.

  • 1st Point:- The first point is the matter or content. The matter is the most important thing. I do not know if you knew it but there are books that did not sell, they changed the cover or they changed the title and they became the best sellers.

If the subject is not attractive enough or does not attract enough attention what will happen? People who receive Your email will not open it and if they do not open it.

They will not see the content of the email. So its main objective in all this is for people to open your emails and for that, you have to work on the subject very well.

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My recommendation is that before sending an email you start to think very well about what the subject is! if it has a good hook for people to open that email if you like what you are seeing.

  • 2nd point:- When the sender does not know what he/she actually what to deliver in email. There are people who send 50,000 emails in a single email. They tell you about many things. I suggest that you have to be very clear about this.

Each email has to be effective. So before sending the email, consider what you want to talk to the user. Make sure you want them to go to your website or to go to your store or to buy your brand.

  • 3rd point:- Next point is the “Link”. When I say a link, I mean a destination link. You can put several links within the email. For example, one in the header, another in the middle, and in the final part of the email.

If all those links go to the same website, this loses the effectiveness of your email. One link should be of video, one link should be of an article, one link should be of another page.

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  • 4th point:-, inserts an image whenever you can. Because that draws a lot of attention and be careful with this, it is not about filling the mail with images. NO, because there are many people who pay attention to that.

You receive an email, you see a block of text really big and it may not attract your attention. Right? if you see an image that is related to what you are talking about, then the person will surely click on the image and go to where you want to take it.

  • 5th point:- Use stories, and there is no better way to connect with people than with a story, stories have been used since the beginning of time. Knowledge was not transmitted that way, information was transmitted and stories have something that is particularly interesting.

First, they connect much more with people, and second that they remember themselves even in a much easier way. If you want someone to remember what you are explaining, explain it to them with a story.

In that way, I assure you that the person will not forget it because that connects at a much deeper level than a normal text. It’s not about abusing the story either, but whenever you can, it puts people in context.

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Explain reading what you were doing when you were sending that email or a story. That is related to what you are trying to convey in that email.

  • 6th point:- Always try to add value with your email. Do not make emails for sale exclusively because that is the only thing that will get people to unsubscribe from your mailing list. People do not want that you communicate with them only for purchase.

If you want to sell them then you have done it perfectly. Make a strategy of 80-20 or 90-10. 90% value and 10% of the sale is worth that way. People will not get tired of your emails and they will wait for them with anxiety because you are adding value to them.

  • 7th point:- Avoid flat emails. When you prepare the email to send, you cannot prepare it in a plain email. You can use an HTML where you are going to put some images and where you are going to layout in some way.

My recommendation is that you can do a lot of tests before sending emails. Just put yourself in the user’s situation when you receive an email and that has a super nice layout with a lot of images.

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It gives you the feeling that this is not being sent to you by a person but rather by a company. Another side, when you use plain email, what happens is just the opposite. The user gets the feeling that a friend is sending it to her/him.

  • 8th point:- Always segment your email list. This can be done with the existing email marketing tools. In the marketing tool, you have the option to label your email. Imagine that your business has different topics that you talk about different things.

You can put a link within that email and if the person clicks on this link it represents that they are interested in what you are talking about. That will automatically put in the database. It will put on a label for you to know that this person has opened your email.

He has clicked on the link and has an interest in this particular topic. This will make your email marketing much more effective. If you know that within your database there are people who are interested in one subject and you deal with them accordingly.

  • 9th point:- Always use post data. Post data is nothing more than a work email to put a postscript and put additional information. This will help you if you have to send a second link within from the same email.

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Something that I have told in the previous point. If you have to put a second or third link then you can put it.

  • 10th point:- Clean your list and this is essential because there are people who sign up for a trial or by mistake sometimes. So avoid dealing with them. It will waste your time.

This is all about “What is the most effective email marketing strategy”. I always say just keep believing in yourself. If you have any doubt, leave a query in the comment box.

Ask me anything you need to know, I always answer. My name is Ravi Kumar and I write blogs for Adyscore. If you liked this blog share it with your friends as well.

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